What is content writing | Types of content writing

What is the content?

Content is the means of presenting a particular subject with information. Our content is a pattern of understanding information or data about a particular topic. It can be any text content, image content, video content, ppt content, doc file, etc. Content can take many different forms.

content writing
content writing

But video content and image content are most popular for digital marketing. So we should know how to make these contents interesting.

What is good content?

Good content means your content is original, actionable, and answers your questions. Good content must be properly sourced, 100% unique, concise, grammatically correct, and well organized.

What is digital content?

Digital content is information, images, sound, or video published through digital media.

What are the types of digital content?

There are four types of digital content:
  • Audio content
  • Video content
  • Text content
  • Image content

What is audio content?

Audio content is content created or recorded through the voice or utterance of words. Eg: podcast, FM, etc.

What is video content?

Video content is content created through video. For example movies, TV shows, videos on YouTube, etc.

What is text content?

Text content is content that is created through writing. For example articles, books, etc.

What is image content?

Image content is written or produced using edited images. For example logos, templates, graphics, etc.

In the case of content writing, we write the content using Jehutu writing. So in this case we have to use text content directly.

What is content writing?

Content writing is the process of writing or editing content on the Internet. Which is usually written for digital content. For example digital marketing, blog posts, articles, etc. Content writing in simple words is the article you read is content. And when you write this content. That is content writing.

Those who write the content are called content writers. Usually, when we visit any website we see different types of writing.  And those articles are written by content writers. Apart from Amazon, and Flipkart, all websites use content writers to write content.

Besides, the websites of news channels are written by content writers. The reason is that news channels write a lot of news in a day. And they cannot be written by one person. That's why content writers are most needed in news channels.
Types of content writing
Types of content writing

What are the types of content writing?

There are different types of content writing. For example, there are many platforms on the Internet where different types of content are published.

As a result, various content kinds are produced in accordance with the requirements of various platforms. As a content writer, you can create different types of content as per your taste like:
  • Blogging writing
  • Copywriting
  • Social media writing
  • News writing
  • Creative writing
  • Expert writing

What is blogging writing?

Here you have to write and publish articles directly on some topics in detail. Basically, two types of articles or content are written for blogging, short or long information.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is basically writing this type of content to market or promote a company. The main purpose of writing this article is to promote the brand's quality among people and increase buyer interest.

What is social media writing?

A company creates a brand online to promote or market its product or service. Create pages or groups on social media and write or publish short, interesting content.

What is news writing?

News writing All news related to news is written. Here, daily life events are written as small short articles. News writing is done on various types of online news, social media news pages, and news websites.

Moreover, this type of content writing is widely used for promotion, branding, or marketing of online businesses these days. And so you can write content about it as per your choice.

What is creative writing?

The writing through which a writer shows his creativity is called creative writing.

What is expert writing?

When an expert writer writes with complete details after researching any topic, it is called expert writing.

How to learn content writing?

The most important thing when it comes to content writing is to do a lot of practice, research, and practice writing. If you want to diversify your writing, you should make a habit of reading books by different authors and on different topics. The Internet is one of the mediums for learning on the job.

content writer
content writer

Currently, various online learning platforms (such as Coursera) offer free online courses and certificates on writing. Apart from this, there are arrangements for conducting various diploma courses related to outsourcing in some educational institutions.

How much money can be earned by content writing?

If you are working on content writing first. You won't be able to make much money then. But gradually as your experience increases, so will your familiarity. Then the quality of your writing will increase as well as the price.

How many ways to earn content writing?

By writing content you can earn in two ways:
One is to work for a company. Another is to do freelancing work. If you are a new content writer. However, you lack any professional experience. Then at first, it can be 600 to 1000 dollars. Or you can get a little more than that. 

Gradually as your experience increases. Your income will increase. A content writer with two to three years of experience can earn between $10,000 and $80,000.If you work as a freelance writer. 

So what is your income limit?

That is, as much work as you do in freelancing.  Accordingly, it will be possible to earn money. If a new content writer wants to earn through freelancing. Then you won't get much work in the new condition.  Also not available at high prices. Because no one wants to work in a new situation. 

Gradually as experience increases and familiarity increase. As the work increases, more work is available through freelancing. Along with that, the income will be more. A freelancer can get 25 cents per word for writing when he first starts work. 

Although many people want to work for less than this, you should avoid them. Also, the 25-send-word price is not applicable to all articles.  It is possible to charge 30 to 40 cents for writing some articles. It depends on what topic you are writing the article about. 

And an experienced freelancer charges 1 cent, 2 cents, 3 cents, or even 4 cents per word. But remember one thing if writing important articles for foreign countries. Then, you may impose a higher price.


Where is the use of content writing?

Many people think that content writing is only about writing website blog posts. Or written on any online shopping website. Many people think that content writing is only content writing within the website. 

But that is not true. Content writing is needed in various places, they are:
  • The script of the video (what will be said in the video is written).
  • For marketing various products
  • Or for various reasons that emails are sent.
  • Writing posts on social media.
  • Written within the website.
  • Scriptwriting.
  • At some events speaking time and content writing are needed.

What kind of skills and knowledge should a content writer have?

If you want to write in Bengali, you must have good knowledge of the Bengali language and grammar. If you want to write in English, you must have good knowledge of the English language and grammar. Must have the ability to research any subject. To write on a technical subject requires a long-term study of that subject. 

For example, if you are a student of history, it will be very difficult for you to write about medical technology. Being able to bring diversity to writing is one of the qualities of a content writer.

If you have a good understanding of content management systems (eg WordPress) and search engine optimization (SEO) for working online, your acceptance will increase many times.
Practice writing quickly with correct spelling.
Must have the ability to write in an easily understandable manner.

How to get content writing work?

There are different ways you can get content writing jobs. However, I will tell you about the opportunities to get some important work, they are:
  • From the Freelancing Website
  • From the job website
  • From the Facebook group

How to get content writing jobs from freelancing websites?

You can quickly get work from freelancing websites by following some tips. For this, you have to go to freelancing websites and create your own work gigs.

How to get content writing jobs from job websites?

Job websites also offer jobs for many freelance content writers. You can apply if you want.

How to get content writing jobs from Facebook groups?

There are many groups on Facebook related to content writing and blogging. You can join all these groups. Then there you can post for jobs.
Or comment below other bloggers' posts that you are a content writer and willing to work. In this way, many people get jobs through Facebook, so you can also try.

content writing
content writing

How can a content writer career?

Joining magazines or online portals as entry-level content writers. Later promoted to senior writer or sub-editor. At best you can get hired as Chief Editor.  And if you work in an ad agency, after 4 to 5 years you will have the opportunity to get the position of a marketing manager or senior copywriter.

To be honest, the term doesn't matter when it comes to freelancing content writing. But if the portfolio is very good, job opportunities can come in big companies.


Many times it is seen that we get many articles writing jobs online. But many times money is not available after work. This has happened to many.
It can be seen that there are many who have done content writing work for a month but have not received a single rupee. And such a problem can happen to you. To avoid this, I am giving some tips that you can use.

Tips to avoid fraud in content writing?

If any Facebook or online social media platform offers you content writing jobs. Then share the gigs on your freelancing site with him to do that job and ask him to give you the job from there.
By doing this he has to pay money to the freelancing site for the work. As a result, you will get paid when you get them to do the work through that site. Also if the freelancing site does not allow you to work. 

Then you do one thing on the same day. Give him that job and ask for money. (If you don't get paid, you've only done one thing. So it won't be much of a problem. And after working more together, if he asks for money, if he doesn't give it, then your hard work will be in vain. So first take the money for the work you do.  

Then do a new job again. Also many may ask you to write the first content for free. In that case, if your post is written for a big website.  And if your writing is credited. Then you can work for free. The reason is that larger websites mean more visitors. Crediting that website will increase your exposure a lot.

As a result, the chances of getting a job in the future are high. Also, there is no benefit in writing free content for new and very small websites. It will only make your efforts in vain.
Finally, it can be said that many people do content writing through freelancing and earn a lot of income.  

Besides, working as a content writer in any company can get a good salary. My opinion is if you do content writing in a company first. Your experience will increase a lot. Along with that, you will meet different people. After that, you can start freelancing slowly. By doing this you will be able to move to a better position.
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