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To get a website on the first page of Google you need to know SEO. If you don't know SEO properly then you will never get your website on the first page of Google. And to do SEO you have to adopt two ways. On-page SEO is one, while off-page SEO is another.

In fact, on-page SEO is most important to bring a website to the first page of Google. So first you need to know on-page SEO completely. And to do on-page SEO you need to keep in mind several things.

What is On-Page SEO?

On-page SEO is one such process. The process of optimizing any page of a website to get more traffic or visitors. We work on both webpage and HTML source code to optimize on-page SEO.

What is the part of SEO?

On-page SEO and off-page SEO are the two components that makeup SEO. On-page SEO basically refers to the internal work of the website like keyword research etc. Also, domain name selection on-page SEO content to do is:
  • URL setup
  • Meta description
  • Meta title
  • Image Optimizer
  • Internal linking
  • Set up analytics
  • Site speed
  • Setting up the structure
  • Webmaster Tools Submission
  • Set up robot text
  • Create a sitemap and submit data etc.

Is on-page SEO a big deal?

Yes, on-page SEO is huge! If your store is out of stock. No matter how much promotion and advertising you do, customers will come and go to your store. The reason is that your store does not have any goods that customers will buy.

Similarly, no matter how well you do off-page SEO, your website's on-page SEO is not done. You may not gain much.

What is Off-Page SEO?

By off-page SEO we can say that you have given the shop so that no one knows that there is a shop where all kinds of goods are available on that site. You say which customers will come to your store. Will not come because no one knows. If you tell people you will get customers. 
Off page seo
Off page seo

And this campaign is off-page SEO from the point of view of SEO. To be honest we cannot give any specific definition of Off Page SEO. Because it is a controversial topic. However, it is often referred to as a method of promoting your website to the site's search engine results page through link building.

Is there any part of off-page SEO?

Page, SEO doesn't really have any specific parts. Before I say that there are some common parts to SEO, I won't talk about what link building is. Then maybe the question will remain in your mind what is this link building? Link building is generally what we call voting. For example, in our country, if someone stands for an election, we make him win by voting.

Defeat others again. Likewise, if someone links to you/your website, we can assume that they have voted for you. As a result, your strength increases. Link building has some common parts like:
  • Infographics submission
  • Document submission
  • Guest posting
  • Video Submission
  • Blog commenting
  • Social bookmarking
  • Forum Posting
  • Article submission etc.
On page seo vs Off page seo
On page seo vs Off page seo

What are the ranking factors of on-page SEO?

  • Use keyword-rich titles.
  • Try a longer post.
  • Write the meta description nicely.
  • Custom permalink.
  • Internal linking.
  • Use Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools.
  • Use image ALT TAG.
  • Responsive design beautifully.
  • Try to reduce loading time.

Use keyword-rich titles

For your website, whenever you write any post on the website, you must use keywords in the post title. And the post that you have written is basically how people search in Google first. After checking you will try to always work with low-competition keywords.

The reason is whenever you use low-competition keywords. You can easily bring your post to the first page of Google. Always strive to start the title with your major keyword. Customize the title as best you can. The more likely your website posts will rank.

You should never use random titles. Only then do you start writing the post by adding searchable keywords in the title. If you are looking at this post of mine. Then you will see that in the title of my post I have used a keyword that is searchable.

And that is On-Page SEO. For example, the main keyword of my post is On-Page SEO Factor. As I have suggested, you should use keywords in your titles in the same way.

Try a longer post

When you post always try to make the largest and most detailed. When you write a large post, you will see that your main keyword is many times inside that post. It will come automatically and it will be beneficial for you to get the rank.

When a post is written in large size, it definitely takes more time to read it, the better this reading level will be in Google's new algorithm. As a result, that post will rank higher. As on YouTube, the better the video, the more people it reaches.

In the same way, the more time people read your post, the more Google impression the post will make in front of people. But of course, keep in mind that nothing is better than necessary. Likewise, while making your post bigger, be careful not to lose sight of your main point.

Write the meta description nicely

Be sure to write a meta description for every post on the website. Most of the time we just write posts but no meta description. As a result, our posts rank lower on Google. That's because of this meta description. Only the search engines that have it are listed. We humans rarely read descriptions. It is primarily written for search engines.

seo strategies
seo strategies

While writing the meta description, make sure to include the main keyword of your title. Search engines will find your main keywords very easily. You will see that your post will rank quickly. So try to write meta descriptions correctly.

Custom Permalinks

You must use custom permalinks on every post on the website. Be sure to pay attention to permalinks when you post. Don't just give the permalink the way you gave the title. You put the main keyword between the permalinks. Make the permalink smaller. No need to enlarge it.

And definitely try when doing custom permalinks. Don't make the mistake of putting your main keyword first. Arrange the permalinks as nicely as you can. The higher your post will probably rank.

Internal linking

When you write a post always try to backlink your post. And that backlink should be on your site. The more backlinks you can have within your site, the more your post will help rank in Google and other search engines.

Use Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools

When five to six posts are finished on your website. Then you'll use Google Search Console and Bing's Webmaster Tools. Properly submit your website to Google's Search Console and Bing's Webmaster Tools. 

And create a proper site map. So that those two search engines can access your site properly. And the information on your website. It should be easily indexed by search engines.  There is really no substitute for these tools to rank your website well.

From this tool, you can easily know your site's performance, errors, and keywords the visitors visiting your site. And later if you post again and again with those keywords you can rank very easily.

Use image ALT TAG

When you write a post the number of images you use in that post. You should always never forget to give the alt text of that image. That's because search engines understand what the image is actually about by reading the image's alt text.

And of course, when using alter tag you should put your main keyword inside this tag. This will help your post rank.

Responsive design beautifully

Make your website responsive and beautifully designed. Visitors to your site can come from different countries. And can visit your site from different devices. So now if your website is not responsively designed. Then your site will not be viewed properly.  As a result, you will lose all those visitors.

On page seo
On page seo

And if you have properly designed the website responsive. Then you will see that all visitors can visit your website properly. This means that they can see your site properly on their device, thereby increasing the number of visitors to your site. So pay attention to the responsive design of the website.

Try to reduce loading time

Reduce the amount of time it takes your website to load. Make sure your website loads as quickly as you can. The more search engines try to rank your site, the more you'll see. And visitors will be interested in visiting your site. Furthermore, if your website takes a lengthy time to load. Then it will take a lot to rank you with search engines and website visitors who will visit. 

They will avoid your site. They will not visit your site again. Suppose you go to enter a site but the site is taking a long time to load and you are unable to enter the site. You will find yourself exiting that site and entering another site on the same topic that loads very quickly on this site.

So the faster you can load your site in less time, the more visitors will be attracted to your site. So pay very close attention to the loading time and try to reduce the loading time.

Finally, if you follow the above SEO ranking factors. Then you will see that you can rank your website in search engines very quickly.
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