What is cost per click | keywords with high cpc

To be a successful Adsense publisher, you need a lot of traffic, but you also need that traffic to interact with the ads that are shown on your website. The AdSense CPC you receive will be determined by the topics you write about. 

In the blogging world, you can either write articles that compete for clicks that pay a few cents or you can be strategic and write content that pays big bucks. If you want to make money online with Adsense and build a successful business, I recommend you target these high-paying keywords and industries. 

You should also give Ezoic a try if you want to automate your advertising. I divided this post as follows:
  • Industries with the highest Adsense payouts
  • Exact long-tail keywords with exorbitant CPCs
  • 4 Adsense bonuses to increase your earnings
  • Ad types that pay the most

What is Cost Per Click?

Each time one of your PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising is clicked, you are charged. However, you can specify your maximum acceptable price down to the keyword level. This implies that you might place a larger or lower bid based on the purpose of the keyword and its significance to your business.

cost per click
cost per click

Based on the terms you are bidding on, the CPC is the real cost that you pay for these clicks. The cost of your clicks has an impact on several aspects of your campaign's performance, including:
  • How many clicks do you get for the money you spend?
  • The profitability and return on advertising spend (ROAS) of a campaign.
  • how often and how clearly your advertisement is displayed.
The key to running a successful campaign is maximizing ROI while maximizing sales and lead generation potential. If you set your bids too low, your advertising won't be displayed frequently enough or won't result in conversions. Your campaign's profitability will suffer if you set your bids too high.

Cpc certification?

The amount you pay each time someone clicks on your advertisement is known as the cost per click, or CPC. Businesses can target callers who are carefully looking for their services or products using sophisticated CPC keywords.

For instance, a plumber could charge extra Croesus each time someone clicked on their advertisement if they had a high-value term like "plumbing." They are skilled at determining what other plumbing services in the area are looking for and charging accordingly.

What are high CPC keywords? 

PPC advertising is a complex subject to grasp. Even those with traditional advertising experience find keyword bidding and pay-per-click perplexing. It is critical to understand which PPC campaigns have a high CPC (cost-per-click). Understanding the worth of these high CPC keywords will assist you in optimizing your campaigns, lowering costs, and ultimately improving ROI.

High CPC keywords are typically long phrases with low competition. Finding these keywords will require some trial and error, as well as some competitor research. Use this list of 100+ AdSense High CPC Keywords as well. CPC keywords are those with a high cost per click. 

Because they are in high demand and have a lot of click visibility, they usually have the most competition. CPC is determined by the number of people searching for that keyword in search engines and the amount they are willing to pay for an ad.

Cost-per-click is referred to as CPC. The cost per click, or CPC, is what you pay for each click in a pay-per-click advertising campaign. If you don't run PPC advertising and host them on your blog or website, you don't pay the premium. Recognize that your blogger income will increase with the CPC an advertiser pays.

Here is how to determine CPC:
cpc formula
cpc formula

The keyword has an effect on the cost per click. It also makes sense given that some keywords generate significantly more revenue than others. For instance, "email marketing" must be more profitable than "funny videos" in terms of keywords. The CPC for the first keyword is therefore higher than the second.

This leads us to a more accurate definition of high CPC keywords: High CPC keywords are those for which advertisers on platforms like Google AdWords pay more than others.


Keyword CPC
  • Houston maritime attorney $1,090.00
  • offshore accident lawyer $815.00
  • best motorcycle accident lawyer $770.00
  • 18-wheeler accident lawyer san Antonio $670.00
  • Scranton personal injury lawyer $560.00
  • truck accident attorney Dallas $515.00
  • Houston trucking accident attorney $500.00
  • auto accident attorney California $465.00
  • auto accident attorney colorado springs $460.00
  • car accident lawyer Jacksonville $430.00
  • truck accident lawyer Dallas $425.00
  • mesothelioma attorney assistance $490.00
  • new york construction accident lawyer $485.00
  • maritime lawyer New Orleans $485.00
  • California auto accident lawyer $475.00


Keyword CPC
  • urgent care emr $90.00
  • hospital alcohol detox $65.00
  • dermatological problem $65.00
  • fort Lauderdale hospital detox $65.00
  • transporter hospital $60.00
  • children's hospital emergency room near me $60.00
  • urgent care snider plaza $50.00
  • Dallas bariatric $45.00
  • endocrine weight loss $45.00
  • urgent care 77041 $45.00
  • urgent care electronic medical records $40.00
  • Kensington hospital detox $60.00
  • urgent care jasper tx $55.00
  • children's Oakland hospital $55.00
  • weight loss surgery Dallas tx $55.00

Marketing & Advertising

Keyword CPC
  • what is marketing channels $165.00
  • call tracking marketing $125.00
  • marketing your law firm $120.00
  • seo and social media marketing services $115.00
  • 3 p of marketing $95.00
  • marketing cloud software $90.00
  • ppc advertising management $80.00
  • marketing integration $80.00
  • email marketing automation software $80.00
  • what does ppc stand for in marketing $75.00
  • best marketing quotes $75.00
  • affiliate marketing software free $110.00
  • law firm marketing Los Angeles $100.00
  • marketing automation for agencies $100.00
  • what does cpm stand for in advertising $95.00


Keyword CPC
  • compare vehicle insurance $280.00
  • oklahoma auto insurance quotes $210.00
  • insurance companies okc $185.00
  • cheapest auto insurance reddit $170.00
  • insurance strategy $160.00
  • fort myers auto insurance $130.00
  • auto insurance connecticut $125.00
  • definition collision insurance $125.00
  • hail damage car insurance claim $120.00
  • car accident other driver has no insurance $120.00
  • define insurance brokers $120.00
  • texas auto insurance quotes online $155.00
  • preferred auto insurance companies $150.00
  • what is insurance deductible $140.00
  • what is premiums in insurance $135.00

Loans & Finance

Keyword CPC
  • irs tax debt relief program $320.00
  • va loan multi family $190.00
  • tax credit for college students $135.00
  • va loan after chapter 7 $130.00
  • how to get preapproved for a va home loan $125.00
  • va home loan specialist $85.00
  • will refinancing hurt my credit $85.00
  • maximum fha loan amount $85.00
  • does opening a checking account affect credit $80.00
  • fha loan foreclosure waiting period $80.00
  • tax debt relief program $75.00
  • structured settlement loan $105.00
  • national guard va home loan $95.00
  • cost to refinance home loan $95.00
  • how long does a credit card balance transfer take $90.00


Keyword  CPC
  • online business degree programs accredited $140.00
  • online accredited psychology degree $135.00
  • online degree in educational psychology $135.00
  • online business degree florida $135.00
  • online university college $125.00
  • online psychology bachelor's degree $125.00
  • parapsychology degree online $125.00
  • online degree criminal justice $120.00
  • online school for business degree $120.00
  • online masters degree programs in healthcare administration  $120.00
  • masters degree in human resources online $120.00
  • public administration masters degree online $115.00
  • online college business degree $125.00
  • fastest criminal justice degree online $125.00
  • online masters degree in business administration $125.00

Business Software

Keyword   CPC
  • complete business solution $95.00
  • top 10 help desk software $95.00
  • help desk software for small business $90.00
  • small business call center software $85.00
  • accounting online program $70.00
  • best online accounting program $60.00
  • best medical billing software for home based business $55.00
  • marketing automation software for small business $55.00
  • best crm software for small business $55.00
  • crm software for small business $55.00
  • best hr software for small business $50.00
  • small business marketing software $50.00
  • business performance management software $60.00
  • employee management software for small business $60.00
  • email marketing software for small business $55.00

Real Estate

Keyword  CPC
  • sell house fast austin $95.00
  • sell my house fast phoenix $70.00
  • sell my house fast austin $65.00
  • we buy houses fast for cash $55.00
  • will my house sell $55.00
  • sell house cash $55.00
  • buy house cash or mortgage $50.00
  • sell house fast for cash $50.00
  • buy my home for cash $50.00
  • worst month to sell a house $60.00
  • sell my house fast san diego $65.00
  • selling a house as is by owner $60.00
  • teacher home buying programs texas $60.00
  • sell my house fast orlando $60.00
  • quickly sell house $55.00

Home Improvement Services

Keyword CPC
  • ac repair coral springs fl $320.00
  • emergency flood repair $265.00
  • flood restoration san diego $210.00
  • air conditioning repair weatherford tx $210.00
  • air conditioning repair phoenix $140.00
  • air conditioning repair mesa az $135.00
  • air conditioning repair simi valley $125.00
  • air conditioning repair plano tx $120.00
  • water damage restoration mesa az $120.00
  • water damage restoration dallas $120.00
  • water damage restoration vancouver wa $115.00
  • best ac repair phoenix $185.00
  • air conditioning repair boca raton $150.00
  • water damage restoration portland oregon $145.00
  • water damage restoration los angeles $145.00


Keyword   CPC
  • auto repair shop modesto ca $50.00
  • paintless dent repair denver colorado $45.00
  • abs unlimited auto repair $45.00
  • auto repair shop mesa az $25.00
  • aftermarket automotive warranty $25.00
  • dent repair colorado springs $25.00
  • denver auto hail repair $35.00
  • change oil light $35.00
  • automotive repair lubbock tx $30.00
  • paintless dent repair denver $25.00
  • paintless dent repair mn $40.00
  • auto repair shops stockton ca $30.00
  • paintless dent repair colorado springs $25.00
  • auto ac repair las vegas $25.00
  • auto repair shops omaha ne $25.00

How Is CPC Calculated and How Does It Work?

One thing to keep in mind is that the maximum cost per click that you set for a keyword may not correspond to the actual cost that you incur.

In actuality, you simply need to pay the bare minimum to surpass the Ad Rank requirements and outrank the rival directly beneath you.
But first, let's dispel some ambiguity:
  • The maximum CPC or average CPC is not the same as the actual CPC you pay.
  • Max CPC refers to the highest cost per click that you are willing to spend, as set in your advertisements account.
  • Average CPC is calculated by dividing the total cost of all of your clicks by the total clicks.
  • Actual CPC is the cost per click that you actually pay.
  • Your real CPC is determined as follows:
  • Actual CPC = Competitor Ad Rank / Your Quality Score + 0.1
Your actual CPC is affected by a wide range of additional factors as well. Additionally, we'll go over how to improve your ads and lower your cost per click in this guide.

Why Are Some Keywords So Expensive?

Why does the cost of some keywords, like click fraud, range from $7 to over $500 per click, while the cost of others, like personal injury lawyer, is much higher? The short answer is that demand is everything. The platform and the idea behind PPC advertising were both relatively new when it first started on Google. 

This indicated that many advertisers were skipping Google because they were unaware of its existence or potential for profit. Today, the level of competition for these keywords is at an all-time high. It's understandable why these keywords are so competitive given that many lawyers and attorneys earn several thousand dollars or even tens of thousands of dollars per client. 

Advertisers must compete because there are only three to four ad spots available at the top of page one. And the only way to achieve this is by increasing your clickthrough rate! In addition to being able to afford such high costs while still turning a profit, this is also one of the finest strategies to generate a steady stream of qualified leads quickly. 

Where else may lawyers and attorneys advertise to those who are expressly looking for legal services in their region? These leads convert well since they are highly focused and prepared to spend money. Even if companies must pay more than $1,000 to obtain a conversion when their typical legal costs are $5,000 or more, this still represents a sizable benefit.
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